Beauty grace he’s ms united States



Beauty grace he’s ms united States


Woohoo! Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer!!!




apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad fuck” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.

I love you Mara.


Dylan Shipley's Dragon Age Impression Voice Demo


A voice demo consisting of 30 Dragon Age character impressions.

I’ve been wanting to put together a collection of my Dragon Age impressions for some time, and inspired by natvoices, I decided to go all out and do a wide variety of character impressions from Dragon Age.

I did my best to include most, if not all, the male companions of Origins, DA2, and even Inquisition, as well as an assortment of NPCs and other characters within these beautiful games.

Here is a list of the impressions in order:

  • Zevran Arainai
  • Cailan Theirin
  • Varric Tethras
  • Anders
  • Fenris
  • Nathaniel Howe
  • Iron Bull
  • Sebastian Vael
  • Dorian Pavus
  • Cullen
  • Orsino
  • Swiftrunner
  • Loghain Mac Tir
  • Enchanter Irving
  • Alistair Theirin
  • Jethann
  • Oghren
  • Bryce Cousland
  • Justice
  • The Arishok
  • Uldred
  • Sarcastic Hawke
  • Murdock
  • Fergus Cousland
  • Carver Hawke
  • Gorim
  • Bann Teagan
  • Sten
  • Tamlen
  • Male!Inquisitor

And a personal message from me!

I really hope you all enjoy it and thank you so so much for listening, and for all you kind words and support!

Atrast Nal Tunsha

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Hi, thank you for being you! Why was Anders chosen over Velanna as the returning character in DA2? I read somewhere she was suppose to be in DA2 — edgyhumour



For two reasons:

1) Because we needed a mage whose main concern was mages. Velanna’s main concern was the Dalish. We talked about trying to make it work with both, but it just didn’t seem very feasible… not without looping in far more Dalish story than we were prepared to do.

2) None of the writers were very keen on writing her—at least, not in the context of “Velanna possessed by Justice”… which seemed, to us, to be “take Velanna in Awakening and multiply everything annoying about her by 10”. Maybe that idea seems interesting to some folks, but it didn’t to us.

So, ultimately, the consideration passed pretty quickly—there was never a “plan” for this insomuch as a brief consideration in the early development process (among numerous others). I imagine we could have made it work had we been intent enough on doing so, but—like I said—nobody wanted to.

(Cue some folks getting angry about how we should have wanted to, I suppose… but oh well. That’s how writing works. You’ll never get a writer interested in writing something solely because someone else thinks it should be there.)

EDIT: Unless that “someone else” is also your boss, in which case you grit your teeth and find a way to make it work—and pray to God you have a boss who chooses not to invoke that power very often.

Why not go with Jowan instead of Anders? Jowan would have made way more sense insofar as him being a guy going down a slippery slope since the beginning of Origins. Blowing up the Chantry would have been the crowning achievement for him, lol. Plus, I thought he was going to become a permanent companion in Origins, but was cut, after all.

Anders already was a full companion in Awakening, so I’m unhappy because perfect, wonderful, beautiful Awakening-Anders was ruined completely because Bioware peeps had a brain lapse about Jowan. That’s really my only niggle in all these Dragon Age games. -_-

Um…Jowan makes no sense considering alot of people made him tranquil or killed him

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Every single person I’ve met in a punk or rock band have been the nicest people I’ve met in my life.

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So, pretty frequently writers screw up when they write about injuries. People are clonked over the head, pass out for hours, and wake up with just a headache… Eragon breaks his wrist and it’s just fine within days… Wounds heal with nary…


You know, something nobody ever wants to talk about is how many lives Anders saved.

He provided free healthcare to everyone who came to him, including the poorest of the poor, the ones who would’ve died because they couldn’t afford to go anywhere else. I have no doubt he…


Gay Movie Needs Your Help To Improve Honest LGBT Representation In Sci-Fi

A team of British filmmakers are aiming to produce a groundbreaking new science-fiction movie that not only stars two gay men in the lead roles, but hopes to pave the way for improved representation of LGBT characters in the film industry.

Credence follows a gay male couple preparing to sell their worldly possessions to fund their young daughter’s evacuation from Earth in the wake of violent storms predicted to decimate the planet. While they will likely save her life for the right price, they may need to sacrifice their own lives in the process… Read more and watch the trailer and a behind-the-scenes video.

This looks to be a very powerful film.